January 20, 2015Can Your Produce Brand Work Harder at the Shelf?

Written by David Edmundson When speaking with produce marketers regarding what they want out of their brand and packaging, you hear things like, “We want it to pop”, “It needs to feel high quality”, “Make it look fresh”, “We want to look like a category leader”. While the intentions are good, without a more strategic approach most brands end up over packaged and uninspired, lacking the emotional appeal needed to engage shoppers and ultimately increase market share. Before embarking on your next brand creation or redesign initiative, consider the following... Read the rest →

January 13, 2015Natural Products Branding and Packaging Redesign

Written by Matt Cave Consumers in North America are waking up—I am one of them. We are increasingly trading up to better quality products and becoming more aware of our health and wellness. All-Natural and Organic food brands are becoming mainstream—consistently growing 2.5 times faster than conventional CPG brands. Whole Foods has major competition now that Kroger, Publix, Target and Walmart are investing heavily in their all-natural and organic store brands. Sounds good right? What’s the bad news? Well, for one, it’s more competitive than ever. Remember the last Expo... Read the rest →

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