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More than ever, people are seeking out foods that look and taste different to enjoy and share with friends. Dragon Fruit, Cherimoya, Shishito Peppers… Frieda’s products have always been different, just like its trailblazing founder, Frieda Caplan, who first introduced the kiwi to the U.S. market over 50 years ago.

We were engaged to revitalize the brand by leveraging Frieda’s unique culture, and help the brand connect better with people to elevate the specialty category as a whole. Insights in hand and driven by a new aspirational brand promise “inspiring new food experiences”, we developed a brand voice that is friendly and smart with a sense of humor that welcomes people in. Tying into Frieda’s heritage, the color purple champions the new brandmark. Its bold yet friendly typography and heart apostrophe “love bubble” create a modern and impactful brand foundation. The new brand’s system is distinctive yet functional, with a personality that shines through and engages people at all touchpoints.


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