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Fresh Drinking: Celebrating National Beer Can Appreciation Day

By Freshmade Contributor

There is something really special about beer that speaks to us here at Freshmade. For one, most breweries are entrepreneurial in spirit, and built from pure sweat and passion. They have the power to transform a small town into a destination, a family story into a legacy. Secondly, secret recipes, quality ingredients, and interesting flavors are what makes every beer unique–it brings people together over a table to talk about what they are tasting and experiencing. Sound familiar? And finally, it’s just plain fun. Fun to design, fun to drink, fun to explore. So, to celebrate all things beer on National Beer Can Appreciation Day, we asked some of our team members about their favorite beer cans…


Senior Designer

Kona Brewing Co.: Big Wave Golden Ale

This is my “go-to” easy drinking refresher. I love the beer and the packaging. The whole line features illustrations that emulate a vintage postcard, making each can feel like a souvenir directly from Hawaii.


Partner/Executive Director

Pabst Blue Ribbon aka PBR

Classic and iconic, this can is unmistakable. This was my dad’s after-work beverage. I’ll never forget him sitting me down after a high school party at my house and saying “don’t ever touch my PBR.” (Evidently my friends had tapped into his stash.)

Iron City Beer

One of the first cans of my childhood beer can collection, and showcasing my all-time favorite team, Iron City is a no brainer for me. Check out the hair-do on “Mean Joe Greene.”

Highland Brewing: Mandarina IPA

Graphic and brilliant with color, this label perfectly communicates the distinctive IPA’s citrusy flavor. It’s exactly what you want after a long mountain hike.


Partner/Director of Projects and Clients


I was first introduced to “OK” when I moved to the Ukrainian Village in Chicago and the little market/video store across the street carried it. I always loved the adorable girl and the totally international look. When I opened my own bar, this was our signature “cheap” tall boy.

Upland Brewery: Champagne Velvet

I love this design—it’s a simple, typographical, modern-yet-nostalgic execution and such a clever nod to Miller High Life (which is the inspiration for the actual beer recipe).

Against The Grain: Night Visions

This brewery is out of Louisville, KY (one of my favorite American cities) and everything they make is delicious. My husband designed this can. Fun fact: the “silver” is actually the aluminum from the can die-cut out of the label.


Senior Project Manager

Victory Brewing: Golden Monkey

Victory Brewing is very close to my hometown in Pennsylvania. The design is a little trippy and I like the flavor. It’s not too heavy and is fairly high in alcohol content so you don’t need to drink too many to feel the buzz!

Guinness (Limited Editions)

These limited edition cans by John Gilroy came out a couple years ago, and I find them to be very clever. I actually travelled to Dublin this past year and saw these in person along with the associated marketing campaign.


Junior Designer

Tripping Animals Brewing

Tripping Animals is my favorite craft beer brewery in Miami. The beer names are hilarious and their unique illustrations, vibrant colors, and that cool Caribbean vibe make them stand out in crowded fridges. And of course, they taste amazing.

Polar Brewing: Pilsener

This beer has a special place in my heart. Polar is the most popular beer in my home country, Venezuela. When I see a Polar beer can, I imagine myself sipping it ice cold on a Venezuelan beach looking at the Caribbean Sea.


Social Media Manager

Anheuser Busch: Bud Light

I like bud light cans not for the taste, but for the nostalgia. It was the first beer I ever tasted, and reminds me of college. I’m also a fan of their iconic ads, which are kind of quirky and push the envelope.

Cigar City Brewing: Jai Alai IPA

Jai Alai is a favorite. I find the taste to be super refreshing, tart, and a little bit unique. It was because of this beer that I started expanding my palate to other IPAs.


Multimedia Manager

Einstök: Icelandic White Ale

I love this design: it’s clean, modern, and truly reflects the flavor. I like that the icon pays homage to the country of origin and including the coordinates is a clever touch.


Partner/Creative Director

Asahi Breweries Ltd: Super “Dry”

Asahi brings back fond memories of Japan during my Navy days. It was a sailor’s favorite to grab from the infamous beer vending machines in the late hours of the night. The minimal color palette and stylized font really encapsulate the cultural cues so vital to a national beer.

Austin Beerworks: Fire Eagle American IPA

The industrial and iconic design can’t be more appropriate for the aptly named Austin Beerworks. Visiting the brewery is quite the experience and exactly what you expect from such a fun and inspiring city.

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