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Get to know Lisa Neal, Art Director at Freshmade

By Hillary Zhu

Lisa will tell you she came out of the womb with a pencil in her hand––a passion for creativity going as far back as her earliest memory. It’s also in her genes… her father was a designer with a career in 3D modeling and video production, allowing her the unique opportunity to play with design software on the home computer. A total “comp artist,” Lisa would mock up cosmetic ads as a tween, or design and construct cereal box packaging just for fun. 

Fast forward a few decades, through which Lisa worked her way through school and started working full time as designer for non-profits while freelancing for large-scale New York agencies in order to learn as much about the craft as possible. This is one of the many things we at Freshmade really treasure about Lisa––she has an insatiable curiosity, endlessly challenges herself, and embraces all aspects of design.

“I’m proud of my versatility. I never wanted to limit myself to doing only one type of thing, or working with only one type of client,” she says. From working on an identity for a fast-casual chain to designing websites for produce brands, if it requires strategic design, she’s tackled it. That she can art direct such a wide array of deliverables makes her a very special addition to the Freshmade team. More so, we really value her ability to see the big picture, and deliver on a consistently unique and cohesive identity for our clients. 

Lisa believes that custom illustration can really help define that unique identity, when appropriate to the project. It’s a design component you’ll often see in her portfolio. “I want empathy to show through in my work. By utilizing illustration as a key visual component, we’re able to incorporate this relatable, human element into the design, and it’s a very ownable thing for a brand. It’s a way for me to connect to our clients, and for our clients to connect with their customers,” she adds.

“I like to incorporate relatable elements into design. It’s a very ownable thing for a brand, and it’s a way for me to connect to our clients, and for our clients to connect with their customers.”

Connectivity to people and brands is the reason Lisa entered the industry in the first place, and ten years later, it’s how she came to find Freshmade and join the team as an Art Director. In the creative field, where so many lines blur between passion and profession, Lisa was ready to focus on helping build food brands with her expertise and talent. She and her husband, Adison, are avid cooks, and she even built a studio in her dining room to continuously hone her skills in food styling and photography. 

“I value the experience I gained from being a generalist, but I’ve come to a point in my career where I really wanted to focus on a category where my enthusiasm was strongest… one that specializes in, and celebrates, a language that we all share––food! That Freshmade only works with better-for-you and food-based brands makes this agency the perfect fit for me,” emphasizes Lisa. 

And because we work with a range of clients from entrepreneurial brands just getting started to legacy brands needing a refresh, Lisa continues to stretch her skills and refine her expertise in art directing food photography, developing visual identities, and storytelling through social media and web design.

She adds, “We have a really collaborative environment at Freshmade, and that’s huge for fostering creativity. Working with Creative Directors like David and Russ that I genuinely respect and admire has been really motivating––they inspire the whole team to be thoughtful and strategic in everything that we do. I’m looking forward to 2021, where we will continue to build awesome brands for awesome people.”

To see some of Lisa’s latest work for Freshmade, check out and @sunsetgrown on instagram.

March 2021

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