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Vanessa Doll, Director of Client Services, Discusses Uniquely Naming and Branding in Produce

By Freshmade Contributor

Jordan Okumura of the produce industry’s leading online publication AndNowUKnow interviewed Freshmade’s Director of Client Services, Vanessa Doll, regarding when and how to decide if a uniquely named product is the right choice for a product line.

As Vanessa and Jordan discuss in the article, Vanessa top-lines the three elements in qualifying a product’s features, advantages, and benefits:

  • Flavor: Is there something special about the genetics or the product that makes it taste special?
  • Experience: Is it fun to peel? Can it be packaged in a distinct way (like Mighties)?
  • Key Benefit: Is it particularly healthy? Super convenient?

She also expands on the values that Freshmade stands behind when it comes to naming or branding an individual product to help drive the success of our partnerships and our unique approach to progressive brand management.

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If you are interested in learning more about whether or not to individually brand or name your products, please reach out:

As a strategic and creative leader, Vanessa helps spearhead growth for our clients. She comes to Freshmade by way of LPK in Cincinnati, where she spent 7 years as senior project manager on P&G brands, such as Always, Pampers, and Vicks. She also led client services for Coty Beauty, helping brands like Wella and Clairol and worked on Pringles, Kellogg’s, and Anheuser-Busch. Between her dual master’s degree in Writing Theory and Pedagogy from DePaul University and experiences as a sailboat racer and bar owner, Vanessa brings well-rounded intelligence and determination to everything she does.

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