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"We needed a creative partner to help tell our powerful story in the aisle and beyond. Freshmade came through with a compelling position that’s as functional as it is rad."

John Gardiner, President, 23 a Day Almonds

Ounce for ounce almonds are one of the most nutrient rich nuts on the planet. Just one handful a day can help support a healthy heart and provide valuable nutrition. We were engaged by one of the largest California almond growers to create a new retail brand that would key on the health benefits a handful a day offers. The brand dubbed “23 a Day” offers an easy and convenient way to get the perfect daily portion of almond power.

The new brandmark has a dynamic presence on pack, providing impact at shelf level. Playful typography, vibrant colors, and illustrative elements are wrapped up in a distinctive almond shape.

A weeks supply of daily GO packs are conveniently packaged and clearly showcased in a stand-up pouch. On pack messaging is coordinated with iconic design elements, highlighting product attributes and health benefits.

The overall tone is welcoming and energetic with a cool California vibe, coming together to create an identity that works well across packaging and promotional materials, inviting people of all ages to share in the goodness.

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