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Featured Before & Afters: From new brand creation to a classic brand refresh, our strategy and design make communication clearer, brands more relevant, and products sell better.


As a private label brand for European and Middle-Eastern grocers, Magictime needed a modern redesign with an All-American personality that would appeal to an international audience. With so many products, a functioning identity and versioning system that worked across multiple categories was essential. We prioritized flavor, branding and color communication in order to convey quality while creating an adaptable and welcoming Americana brand. 

Where Frieda’s on-pack communication hierarchy had previously been led by the overarching brand, creating a product-centric experience was the strategic foundation for this Tikis redesign. Leveraging cues from coconut water, the tropical name, custom illustrations, and Caribbean color palette give the coconuts a sense of occasion and approachability.

The WOW offerings are a specialty berry line, defying category expectations with exclusive availability and completely distinct flavor notes, similar to chocolate or coffee. Craft textures and hand-written fonts weren’t creating enough distinction within the category to best convey the super-elevated nature of the berries. We leveraged luxury-based cues like matte black and gold foil used in beauty and other premium products, while playful illustrations maintain the fresh fun inherent to fruit.

In an increasingly saturated market for DTC fresh pet food, Zola Chow needed to better communicate the passion, commitment, and quality that goes into their product in a much more direct way. The purity of the ingredients, the health impact, and the unique pet-owner connection became the drivers behind the brand refresh, from custom illustrations and a welcoming color palette, to an honest, emotive narrative and tone of voice.

Annie Chun’s wanted to break from traditions to improve visibility and become the leading brand for healthier restaurant-quality Asian foods. We were engaged to dial in the design across the 34 package skus, as well as their digital presence. A clean, bright color palette, stylized photography, and a major shift in communication hierarchy all led to a significant increase in revenue within 6 months of the refresh.

Already a firmly established wholesale brand, Treehouse engaged us to develop an iconic new retail brand across bagged almonds, flours, and snack packs. To differentiate from heritage brands in the category, we developed a distinctive brand icon and custom wordmark that highlights a dynamic tree/house and product window, and utilized vibrant colors to differentiate skus and impact taste and freshness perceptions.

Carrington Farms’ superfoods packaging was failing to communicate the quality and health cues of a leading natural brand across their large range of offerings and structures. Based on analysis and consumer insights, we redefined Carrington’s brand voice, look, tone and feel to both convey quality and build equity across the portfolio. With the brandmark prominently featured, the content retooled, and a modernized farm depiction, quality perceptions and shelf impact are elevated across the board.

Village Farms grows and markets greenhouse grown, hydroponic produce that is healthier for people and the planet. This rebrand aimed to create a current, cohesive brand presence that increased shelf presence and freshness perceptions. The signature nature of the new brandmark, vibrant fresh colors and custom illustration added distinctive and ownable equities to the brand by creating the feeling of a contemporary farmers market. In addition to identity and packaging, we were engaged to develop product and lifestyle photography, print collateral, trade advertising, pop displays and the tradeshow experience.

Riley’s first-to-market dog treats are made with certified organic human-grade ingredients, but their previous packaging wasn’t communicating “innovative category leader.” We modernized their brandmark to add an organic, human quality while maintaining a playful nature, important to the treat category. Seeing an “orange opportunity“ to own a unique color in the category, we optimized the new pack to be clean and iconic with enhanced product callouts and ingredient photography, thereby improving shopability and relevance.

Always Fresh was a rapidly growing berry brand when they came to us for a refresh… it was time for a unified, modern brand that felt more premium in order to compete with larger brands in the produce aisle. By revisiting the identity, we created more equity, recognition and functionality across products, so it felt less like a descriptor, and became an ownable brand. Brighter, bold colors cue a modern vibe and increase taste appeal for consumers.

Under new ownership and with upgraded nutrition profiles, Mixables sought to modernize their nutritional topper lineup at shelf. The revived mark has a fun yet premium vibe, bringing energy and distinction to the brand. A retooled information hierarchy, enhanced product photography and updated color palette and graphics bring definition and ownership to the name “Mixables.”


As a super-premium product, the brand refresh for Today’s Gourmet needed to surpass category expectations of artisanal fresh ingredients. We were engaged to modernize the brand across twelve unique products. With bright blocks of color, iconic graphics and thoughtful ways of showcasing product visibility, this refresh conveys flavor, modernity, and quality in a way rarely (if ever) seen in the fresh perimeter.

A true ranch-to-table operation, RedHouse Beef + Provisions wanted a fresh take on a the classic butchery for their entire visual identity system, including a storefront, packaging and digital. A richly hued color palette, iconic wordmark, and pared-down typographic style conveys the purity of the ingredients with a modernized down-home feel appropriate to the family business, but still relevant to their local, California customer-base.

The Classic Cask is a premium, aged scotch with a sophisticated flavor profile that matches the tastes of their target consumer, but their package design wasn’t conveying these elevated qualities. A new, streamlined design system helps consumers identify the age of the product while a stylized script font tells a refined heritage story. An updated brandmark, color palette and structure intimate a luxurious experience.

Creta Farms has always been on a mission to share the importance of the good Cretan diet, the value of olive oil, and the distinction of higher quality. So when they were ready to bring their olive-oil infused meats and cheeses to the U.S., they needed positioning that reflected a story of health in a way that was relevant to an American consumer. Bursts of green and distinct shape language pop in the deli section among less healthy competitors. By heroing the identity and the product itself while streamlining the design, the package design system told a compelling story of minimal, better-for-you ingredients.

Just like Family Tree Farms’ fruit line, comprised of exclusive varieties with one-of-a-kind flavor profiles, their new identity, packaging, and digital presence had to be anything but ordinary. A wide array of seasonal products demanded an easy-to-follow system that would help consumers identify their unique products while building equity across the brand. With a strategic shift from farm-centric to flavor forward, we developed a bright, colorful California vintage persona that positioned Family Tree Farms as the leader for unmatched flavor and quality with a down-to-earth approachability. 

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