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An Americana tale. Magictime brand refresh.

Packaging Design Refresh, Brand Identity Toolkit

A value brand for European and Middle-Eastern grocers, Magictime saw an opportunity to revitalize their brand into a welcoming American-style product that would appeal to an international audience. With a diverse range of products across hundreds of skus and multiple categories, the brand required a functioning identity and adaptable versioning system with a new design that modernized the brand and enhanced quality perceptions.


Because they are a value-brand label, Magictime’s brandmark needed to feel approachable and high quality without skewing into premium.  An arched shape, rounded typography and whimsical details give the identity a playful character that speaks to value without feeling too youthful.


A vibrant and organized color system was a key component to the Magictime refresh. Not only does the palette feel inviting and cue flavor, the flood of color acts as a cohesive element notable to any category. The saturated red of the identity, product descriptors, and essential information is an anchor across the portfolio.


Iconic, ingredient-focused imagery was another consistent component that reinforced the brand system across multiple categories. The distinctive, larger-than-life single image ladders up to the brand’s carefree personality, all while telling a story of flavor and quality.


Flavor-forward messaging, wide swaths of color and iconic imagery act as a versioning system for consumers to identify their product and the brand among all offerings.


With so many products, a story of value, flavor and quality needed to permeate through Magictime’s portfolio to give them true recognition at the retail level. Taste appeal and approachability rose to the top of the overarching design strategy for a truly modern Americana brand to thrive across the ocean.

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