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"The Freshmade team doesn't disappoint. Like other initiatives we’ve collaborated on, their creative energy and thoughtful approach has the Mixables brand poised to break new ground."

Devin Linden, Vice President-Business Development, Perfection Pet Foods

Under new ownership and with upgraded nutrition profiles, Mixables sought to modernize their nutritional topper lineup at shelf. We were asked to redesign the brand to better communicate its new position in the pet food world.

With arching handset typography, the revived mark has a fun yet premium vibe, bringing energy and distinction to the brand.

To convey freshness and help the brand work harder in the aisle, we retooled the info hierarchy, enhanced product photography and updated the color palette/blackboard background. The accentuated swirling action of the new graphics brings definition and ownership to the name “Mixables.”

For the Grain Free offering a table top background and modern serving bowl are introduced to differentiate from the the rich and hearty nature of the Healthy Coat formula.

The evolved variety pack is functional and easy to navigate, maintaining brand consistency and creating an impactful billboard effect.

Developed in our in-house photo studio, the new product imagery is fresh and contemporary, highlighting the healthy ingredients and chunky nature of each topper.

The revitalized packaging range communicates with a fun and visually engaging voice, inspiring confidence for dog owners seeking an enhanced dining experience for their pet.

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