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A new green era. Queen of Greens interactive design.

Website Design, Brand Identity Toolkit, Illustration, Narrative, Food Photography, Product Photography, Motion

When Mastronardi Produce set out to push the boundaries on flavor, technology, and sustainability with their high-tech, hydroponically grown lettuces under the Queen of Greens brand, they needed to educate and excite consumers by differentiating from traditional field-grown methods. We were tasked with developing a bold brand narrative, website design and social media strategy unique to the leafy greens category.


To create appeal for a savvy, conscious consumer and distinguish from other lettuce websites, the dynamic design leverages social media trends and bursts with energy. The content is both educational and engaging, invoking a strong brand personality throughout the experience.


Responsive design and thoughtful communication seamlessly transition the bold design elements to a smaller scale.


A bright and energetic palette, modern typography, custom illustrations, and colorful imagery bring energy and excitement. When merged across touchpoints these assets enforce the bold nature of the brand and speak with a distinct and memorable voice.


 To create ownability and anchor relevant, informative content, custom illustrations were developed. As an essential storytelling component, these intuitive illustrations bring whimsy and approachability to the brand.


A unique narrative highlights the fearless innovation behind the product and bolsters the brand personality. Playing on the authoritative name, the tone of voice is a bit tongue-in-cheek and a little daring, emboldening consumers to look at their lettuces differently.


Our in-house recipe team tested, developed, and wrote proprietary recipes that showcase the versatility, crispness and vibrant taste of the special greens.


Shot and styled in-house, the recipe photography marries brilliant color and tactile textures with muted, natural accents to lend vibrancy to the recipes, delivering mouth-watering taste appeal and showcasing the freshness of the product.


Striking packaging photography was developed to launch the new brand into the social space in an impactful and compelling way.


Stop motion animations add a dynamic energy to Queen of Green’s website and social media execution, giving the brand a fun and memorable presence in the digital world.

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