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"Freshmade's deep understanding of the organic market made our rebranding process a success. After the refresh, sales are 51% ahead of last year."

Grant Weber, CEO Riley's Organics

Riley’s dog treats are made with certified organic human-grade ingredients. As first to market, Riley’s had a distinct advantage, yet their packaging lacked the qualities of an innovative category leader. We were brought in to upgrade the brand and help position them as a champion for organic treats.

Prominently placed on pack, Riley’s modernized brandmark adds an organic, human quality to the brand while maintaining a playful nature, important to the treat category.

The optimized new pack is clean and iconic with enhanced product callouts to improve shopability and relevance. Ingredient photography strengthens freshness and taste perceptions.

“Orange is the new organic.” In a hectic shelf set filled with multi-color visual strategies, Riley’s vibrant orange introduces organic to the dog treat world in a truly breakthrough brand block.

Completing the story, the back of the pack prominently features the limited ingredients and product certifications. Relocated from the pack front the product window provides transparency, helping inspire consumer confidence.

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