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Disruptive yet relevant.

While some agencies develop radical solutions that break boundaries, others focus on deep data to make “safe” micro-moves. As visionaries–and realists–we understand the importance of standing out, and fitting in. The value of equities and audiences, and finding the place that brings the most affection. It’s how we build and evolve brands. To be both disruptive and meaningful, while retaining mass appeal. Food brands that are cool, but not too cool. Built for tomorrow, and today. Designed to sell.


Context and clarity of communication is everything. From our process to our account management style, we’re extremely thorough yet clear and concise.

People persons.

We’re a friendly group of world class talent from the CPG food space. We’re very good at what we do, and love doing it together.

David Edmundson Founding Partner/Strategist

Favorite food: Buffalo Wings

Vanessa Doll Partner/Director of Client Relationships

Favorite food: Oysters

Russ Martin Founding Partner/Creative Director

Favorite food: Steak

Lisa Neal Design Director

Favorite food: Poke

Nikole Friend Art Director

Favorite food: Macaron

Hillary Zhu Director of Projects

Favorite food: Ravioli

Carina Giacomelli Director of Photography

Favorite food: Bagels

Kaylee Brown Senior Project Manager

Favorite food: Sushi

Adam Dearborn Digital Marketing Director

Favorite food: Shrimp on the Barbie

Aline Chicurel Senior Designer

Favorite food: Falafel

Amber Paine Senior Designer

Favorite food: Ramen

Ali Redmond Photographer/Food Stylist

Favorite food: Carbonara

Samone Thornton Senior Project Manager

Favorite food: Spring Roll

Maria Davila Designer

Favorite food: Arepa

Carmela Zabala Motion Designer

Favorite food: Ice Cream

Kaitlyn Mitchell Designer

Favorite food: Pizza

Robendy Duclos Studio Assistant

Favorite food: Crab Rangoon

Natalie Kemper Junior Project Manager

Favorite food: Pierogi

Ethan Edmundson Office Administrator

Favorite food: Cheeseburger

Private label.
CPG food brands.

From brand creation to revitalization, we’ve helped numerous CPG food brands find success at the shelf and beyond.

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