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Product photography.

Cereals, frozen foods, snacks, pet food, and most other CPG food brands rely on imagery to showcase the tastes and textures that make them special. On pack or in the digital space, product imagery strongly effects consumer buying decisions by impacting quality and taste perceptions. In our studio, designers, art directors, food photographers and stylists collaborate from the concept phase through finalization to ensure better, more mouthwatering outcomes.

Hands Down

Hands Down sprinkle cookies product photo by Freshmade.
Hands down cookies product photography by Freshmade.
Hands Down food box design by Freshmade.
Hands Down cookies food box design.
Hands Down sprinkle cookie food product photography.


Popadelics brand launch snack packaging design and product.
Popadelics mushroom snack hero photo.

Zola Chow Meals

Zola Chow Lamb & Vegetable packaging design and food prep.
Zola Chow pet food ingredients, beef and carrots, photo by Freshmade.
ZolaChow brand refresh packaging and food photography.
Zola Chow Salmon & Vegetable packaging and food photo.
Zola Chow pet food ingredients photo by Freshmade.

Publix Catering

Creative food photography of Publix cakes photo by Freshmade.
Publix catering strawberry dipped in chocolate product photo styled by Freshmade.
Publix Catering floating brownie product photo.

Queen of Greens


Oinkies Meathouse & Veg Hearty Kabobs pet packaging photography redesign.
Dog with hand holding Oinkies pet food.

Zola Chow Treats

Zola chow pet treat product photography by Freshmade.
ZolaChow pet treats photo by Freshmade.

Farm Direct Supply

FamilyTree Farms

FamilyTreeFarms Apriums and Plumcots rebranding design.
FamilyTreeFarms plumcot food photography.
FamilyTreeFarms Peaches food photography.

Growing Gourmet

Growing Gourmet shrimp and cornbread food photography by Freshmade.
Growing gourmet recipe photo of mac and cheese bites, broccoli and fruit.


Delectables cat food product photography.
Delectables pet food redesign packaging.