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Woman holding cat, Delectables pet food photography.

Brand refresh.

CPG Brand Strategy. Portfolio Architecture. Visual Identity. Package Design. Food Photography.

Delectables is the market share leader for wet cat treats, the fastest growing segment of cat treats. With 40+ SKUs across 5 textures, their portfolio offers more variety than any competitor. To strengthen their leadership position and maintain their growth trajectory, a packaging refresh was in order. The goal: improve the linkage of Delectables to the wet cat treat category, and create a seamless consumer journey for shoppers.

Paramount to the refresh was avoiding consumer confusion at shelf. Visual equity benchmarking, eye tracking and shelf testing informed the design strategy and helped define the tactical vs. the transformative. With key brand equities modernized and information hierarchy retooled, what was a complex and fragmented shelf set is now a united Delectables brand block with clear segmentation and intuitive on-pack navigation.


Post refresh, purchase Intent increased from 35% to 57% and overall pack appeal increased from 88% to 95% amongst competitive users.

Client Note

“Hiring Freshmade was an easy decision and the results exceeded expectations. It was such a success that we re-engaged Freshmade for our next young brand’s refresh.”-Justin Crow, Senior Brand Manager, Hartz