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"Freshmade took the time to get to know our team, our culture and our crazy products. They translated it all into a fresh new brand strategy that made our 50+ year old company relevant to Millennial shoppers (our target). The results have been amazing!"

Karen Caplan, President, Frieda’s

More than ever, people are seeking out foods that look and taste different to enjoy and share with friends. Dragon Fruit, Cherimoya, Shishito Peppers… Frieda’s products have always been different, just like its trailblazing founder, Frieda Caplan, who first introduced the kiwi to the U.S. market over 50 years ago. We were engaged to revitalize the brand by leveraging Frieda’s unique culture, and help the brand connect better with people to elevate the specialty category as a whole.

Our consumer insights initiative told us that there were specific personas we could target that cross over generational demographics. The strategy, based on a new brand promise “inspiring new food experiences,” delivers on today’s cravings for uncommon and memorable food experiences.

Tying into Frieda’s heritage, purple champions the new brandmark. Its bold yet friendly typography and heart apostrophe create a modern and impactful brand foundation. The new tagline “inspire. taste. love.” anchors the brand and alludes to the promise of experiences their special products deliver.

The new visual identity uses vibrant pops of color with bold typography to create a contemporary and impactful presence.

Designed to be distinctive yet functional, Frieda’s new packaging is fresh and informational without being overwhelming, and it’s easy to find and shop across 60+ skus.

The new system places the product name in conjunction with the brandmark. This correlation confirms that these are no ordinary products, but Frieda’s products.

To provide continuity and depth to the brand the “love bubble” springs from the brandmark and lives across the packaging and other brand touchpoints.

The new brand voice is friendly and smart with a sense of humor that welcomes people in. Incorporating approachability was an important aspect, given the unique and sometimes odd look of their products.

An inspiring library of food photography showcases the uncommon and unforgettable food experiences that are possible with Frieda’s special offerings.

Engaging recipe videos were created to highlight the fun and inspiring new food experiences Frieda’s products deliver.

To ensure the spirit and voice of the brand remain distinctive and effective across all touchpoints, we developed an expansive brand book. Activating the brand included tradeshow experience, vehicle graphics, promotional materials and B2B advertising.

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