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Oinkies pet treat photography with dog by Freshmade.

Brand refresh.

CPG Brand Strategy. Portfolio Architecture. Visual Identity. Package Design. Product Photography.

Oinkies are irresistible, long-lasting treats made with layers of naturally nutritious, real ingredients you can see. With an expanding portfolio to include new forms, textures and ingredients, the #2 brand for occupy dog chews looked to a brand restage to clarify their offerings and accelerate growth.

With new naming architecture and streamlined communication hierarchy, product segmentation is clear and the portfolio is easy to navigate. A bold, hand-lettered wordmark distinguishes the new packaging system while vibrant color and fresh imagery speak to flavor and quality ingredients—the top decision drivers for passionate pet parents.


From bottom shelf to eye level at country’s largest retailer.

Client Note

“All of the buyers that have seen our new packaging love it. Thank you guys for all the amazing work—we’re super impressed!”-Louisa Guo, Brand Manager, Hartz

Dog with Oinkies pet treat by Freshmade.